• Mother's Day After the Loss of a Child

    Mother’s Day is an extremely difficult holiday for all bereaved mothers, but for me, it is a double whammy since it will always fall so close to the anniversary of Hope’s death.
  • Continuing to Remember Her Life

    When a baby dies, an entire life of moments and memories is stolen. So, as a mother, I have to find a way to remember her life, to celebrate her existence on this earth.
  • A Father's Grief: Coping with Stillbirth

    When a pregnancy ends in tragedy, people usually gravitate towards the mother, thinking that she will need the most comfort and support. This is a natural response, but sadly, this often leads to the father’s grief being overlooked and forgotten.
  • Hope's Story... and a story of hope

    “Just one more push, Lauren!” “You can do it!” I bared down and pushed with all of my might, and there she was...beautiful, perfect, but silent. Her body was pink and warm, flushed with life, while her face was purple and clammy, kissed by death. Will got to cut her cord; a should-be-joyful moment suddenly turned somber. Hope was finally here, and yet she was gone.
  • God's Care for You as You Grieve

    Shortly after my daughter passed away, I strongly desired to get pregnant again. From what I’ve read and observed, this seems to be a common reaction to losing a baby. I thought that if I could just fill my empty arms with another baby, then I would be able to find happiness again.
  • Walking the Road of Grief

    Hearing that other people had gone through the same situation was such a balm to my soul. But there was one part of their stories that scared me: the unending grief. Some women had lost children 20-30 years ago, but still carried intense grief because they had never been given the space or opportunity to talk about their loss.

    I did not want that to be my story.
  • Coping With Loss When There Are No Medical Answers

    "When something tragic happens, I think humans naturally search for a reason why. There has to be a logical explanation to everything we encounter in this life, right? But in the world of stillbirth, there are more unknowns than definites. The doctors couldn’t give me an answer to my question of “What happened?”. There was no cord accident and no problems in the placenta. No ultrasound had ever shown abnormalities. There was nothing genetically wrong with me or my husband. And yet, my daughter’s heart still stopped beating..."
  • 6 Heartfelt Ways Parents Are Honoring the Children They've Lost

    We are honored to be part of Disney's Babble.com video featuring heartfelt ways parents are honoring the children they've lost.
  • Encouragement from My Pastor

    ...We believe that in His mercy, this resurrection hope remains for babies and those with profound mental disabilities, who could not personally put their faith in Christ. Though your child was denied a lifetime of leaping and running and singing and dancing and hugging on this earth, a new heavens and a new earth is coming, where, freed from all disease and disability, he or she will have not just a lifetime, but an eternity, to run and leap and celebrate to the glory of God...